Programs Offered  - All Programs are now back at St. Peter Catholic Elementary School


Father and Son Program (Ages 5 to Grade 3) 

The Father & Son Program provides an opportunity for fathers to participate in their sons' formation and to introduce young boys to God the Creator and Father.

Stories of Biblical heroes demonstrate how God's heroes assist Him in His work. The boy is thereby motivated to become one of God's heroes.


 Junior Program (Grades  4 to - 7)

In the Junior Boys Program, the theme of Jesus as our Brother and Friend is used to inspire each boy to establish a natural relationship with Christ. Christ taught us how to love through his example of obedience to his Father. Using this example, the boy learns that obedience is good and that being obedient out of love for God will help him to become a better person. 

The program reinforces basic elements of friendship, such as trust, loyalty and sincerity.


Club Program (Grade 8 to Grade 12)

The Conquest Club uses a very unique methodology (ECyD) that provides the boys with Experiences, which help them form deeper Convictions, which finally will help them make good Decisions the rest of their lives. In the Club, the adolescent finds a happy, healthy and, attractive environment, where they will form themselves in the fundamental aspects of their personality. 

In order to complement the family, the Club develops an internal dynamic of intensive team life, made up of a natural group of friends. Through this environment, they develop Catholic leadership and project themselves in works of social and cultural volunteerism, according to their age.  

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