About Us

Conquest is a National network of leadership programs, clubs, and camps for boys and young men 5 - 18 years of age. Conquest trains boys to become self-disciplined and confident young men, Catholic leaders who possess moral integrity and are committed to improving the communities in which they live. 

Recognizing the obstacles and false ideals that youth encounter in today's culture, Conquest empowers boys to face and overcome these difficulties rather than ignore and succumb to them. 

 Conquest organizes exciting adventures and challenges; through these experiences, boys learn that human and spiritual development can go hand-in-hand with many of their favorite activities.  Conquest, through its athletic, educational, and creative programs, provides a wholesome atmosphere in which boys naturally develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, their brother, and friend. This bond will awaken in each boy a desire to serve as His apostle; it will motivate him to serve Church, home, community, and school. In short, the program is designed to produce mature young men who live their Catholic life authentically.


Conquest Milton Club 2011-2012

Conquest - Rome Pilgrimage August 2023

Conquest - Bowling Night - Father & Son

Conquest Faith Session at St. Peters Parish Hall

Conquest - Camp Brebeuf

Conquest - Milton - Moms Quest  - Mother's Day Celebration at St. Peters - Parish Hall